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Cre8ive Geeks is a digital agency that is focused solely on the design and creation of quality platforms, applications (web, mobile,Facebook) and website development.

cre8ive geeks-digital agency

Our work involves the combination of strategy, creativity and modern technology in order to achieve real time user experiences for your digital projects.

We are here to assist your business with innovative ideas about how to engage your customers using technology.

We have a modern solution for each objective you want to reach.

What We do!

We always strive to help our clients achieve their corporate goals and targets.

What ever service you may require from us we commit our selves in all stages from DISCOVERY & PLANNING, though the concept DESIGN, the PRODUCTION process, vigorus TESTING & FEEDBACK to ensure it meets standards, the actual PROJECT LAUNCH and finally MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT after project launch.

Project Planing & Strategy

The most important part of developing a project is the strategy that will help your business to achieve its objectives and goals. Before starting the actual coding we assist you with a full development strategy and planning for your digital project. When we are creating the strategy we take into consideration factors like your objectives, your target audience, the right technology and devices to use and much more so your business can get the best out of the development project.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are essential for most of the businesses. Even if you need one to facilitate your services to customers, to create loyalty campaigns, to engage them in competitions – we will have a modern solution for your project. Our team has certified developers for IOS and ANDROID that will build your creative applications. We create flexible native apps that will allow your business to add new features into the applications as your business needs grow. As technology evolves so are our development skills and tools.

Website Development

Our team uses the latest technologies to develop modern and responsive websites that provides great user experience, especially on mobile devices. We plan carefully the website development plan so your business can have a clean and professional website that will reach your business objectives and goals. We create the website structure, the content according to the target audience profile, clean and professional web design keeping in mind usability. Since a beautiful website is not enough for search engines, we also take care of all technical elements, securities and organic SEO that will help your website to be indexed correctly and have a good quality score.


Our programmers have extensive knowledge in games development, creating several games ranging from small to complex. We assist your business with the development plan of the game, also creating engaging functions to determine users to keep playing and return.

In-store Applications

Using our own data collection tools we can create unique in-store applications for your campaigns while integrating in them different functions and components such as games, ads, data collection, newsletter registration, connection with other applications and much more. We also create the frame works and all the other graphic elements needed to develop a modern and engaging game. The Key thing about are tool is real time data and analysis of your campaings

Facebook Applications

Facebook is a great channel to engage with your customers. It is also a great opportunity for you to present your services, facilitate purchases, create loyalty campaigns, create engaging competitions and much more. Our certified Facebook developers will analyze your objectives and your target audience and will create the development plan for your Facebook applications. We will assist you with all possibilities that can make your project better with Facebook features. We take very seriously Facebook’s Terms and Regulations regarding apps development, so your digital project is on the right hands.


Our development team is enriched with decades of experience in web applications, CRM & CMS platforms. We use the latest programming languages that will give your project a modern a sustainable solution. Since each project is unique and has different needs, objectives and audience we are always planning carefully the development to meet those factors.While the development of all functions of the applications or platforms are the key important variables, we also take our time to create great user interfaces. No matter how complex the coding is, the interfaces will always be easy to use, to provide a good user experience. We also assist your business team with tutorials and training, while and after development.

Couponing Solution

We provide the best automated couponing solutions in the market. You can create manage and deploy your couponing campaigns on the fly without any limitations or knowledge of coding.


We have worked with both local and international Clients and brands in different industries which in turn expands our know-how in multiple business sectors.

Presented are our clients and brands we have worked or collaborated with.


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Special in-house Projects

Even after completing your project you are always on our mind. The completion of your project is the beginning of our next in-house / special projects.

Our Cre8ive Geeks special projects is focused solely on how we can better help our clients attain their project goals efficiently at an affordable cost.

Here are a couple ongoing special projects


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Get in touch with us

If you have any questions or would like to start a new project with us do not hesitate to contact us.

Please use the contact details bellow or the contact form to send us your requests and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

We are also looking forward to expand our Cre8ive Geeks team. Please use the form to send us your CV if you would like to be part of our team.



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