Who we are and what we do


If you are looking for a modern solution for your digital project that combines strategy and creativity with real-time monitoring solutions, you are in the right place.

Cre8ive Geeks is a web and software development agency focused solely on designing and creating quality software, platforms, applications (web, mobile, Facebook), games, and website development. We have a modern solution for each objective you want to reach.

Our work involves the combination of strategy, creativity and modern technology in order to achieve real-time user experiences for your digital projects. We are here to assist your business with innovative ideas about how to engage your customers using technology.


We always strive to help our clients achieve their corporate goals and targets.

Whatever service you require from us, we commit ourselves in all stages from DISCOVERY & PLANNING. However, the concept is DESIGN, the PRODUCTION process, vigorous TESTING & FEEDBACK to ensure it meets standards, the actual PROJECT LAUNCH, and MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT after project launch.


Project planning & strategy

Our focus is to develop strategic projects that will bring a return on investment to our clients. To make sure this happens, we start with the essential step – the strategy and planning. While creating the strategy, we factor in your target audience, competition, objectives, and goals. We plan the most productive approach for your project using the right technology and tools to deliver a modern solution.

Mobile Applications

Our team has certified developers for IOS and ANDROID that will build your creative mobile applications. We believe mobile applications are essential for businesses to facilitate services to their customers, create loyalty campaigns, or engage them in competitions. We develop flexible native applications that can easily integrate multiple features as the business needs evolve.

Website development

Using the latest technologies available, our team of experts is specialized in developing responsive websites that will provide a great user experience. We create a modern and professional web design that will ensure an outstanding presentation of your business. We take care of all technical elements, securities and organic SEO to ensure your website is correctly indexed by search engines and have a great quality score.


Our team of programmers have extensive knowledge in games development, ranging from small to complex. We believe online games can help your business engage with its customers to create a powerful emotional connection. We assist your business with the game development plan, including the logic and creative elements that will make the users addicted to your game.

In-store applications

We develop in-store applications that can achieve multiple business objectives. The in-store applications can be used to instantly reward customers with prizes, engage them in quizzes or games, collect data for remarketing purposes or gather insights about your products and services. We can take the in-store applications to the next level by connecting them to online loyalty platforms.

Web applications and platforms

Our development team is enriched with decades of experience in web applications, custom software, CRM & CMS platforms. We use the latest technologies, frameworks and programming languages to develop complex, modern and sustainable applications. We carefully plan the development to meet the project requirements while offering a user-friendly interface.


We have worked with both local and international clients and brands in different industries which in turn expands our know-how in multiple business sectors.

Presented are our clients and brands we have worked or collaborated with.


Let’s help you reach your goals.

If you have any questions or would like to start a new project with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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